November 2016

Time at home

So this post is going to be more of just rambling than actually having a coherent discussion, but there are so many thing that is important about spending time at home, not just during the holidays too. Not just actually spending time at home, but there are so many things that are cool about homes themselves, like the comfort of actually being there and also the designs of certain homes, so you need to make sure that you do not take it for granted! I have another friend who is an Electrician in Merton and we always talk about some of the cool designs of certain homes but also how much fine it is to just really chill at home and enjoy it while we can! By the way, I will quickly add a cheap plug here for my mate, if you need an Electrician in Merton here and he is very good! We do talk all the time about how good it is to actually take some time for yourself at home when you need it and it really does wonders for your physical and mental fatigue. Being in an environment you can relax in and have little worries, or surrounded by family and loved ones for a few hours a day is really worth all of the work that you actually do.

I once visited a home that actually had floor to ceiling windows during the summer and it was one of the nicest houses that I’ve ever been to. Apparently it had a lot of work done to it and had been renovated completely from a really old and broken down house. I’m not actually sure if it was originally an ordinary home and it had been torn down and rebuilt, but either way it was amazing. It also had remote controlled blinds and was painted in a way to compliment the rest of the furniture in the home, so there had obviously been a plan set out to begin with. It was a really nice house and it made me realise that if that is the place that you get to go home to every day, then you really need to make sure you don’t take that for granted. Then again I was also thinking about how much that home would have cost to actually buy it or even renovate it from start to finish and realised you would need to have actually made quite a lot in your lifetime to afford it, so maybe just enjoy what you already have!

There is always that old saying of home is where the heart is and while I guess there is some truth to that saying I personally believe that your home is where you hang your hat. You need to make sure that the environment of your home matches what you need in life. But you also need to sure that you make the home that you actually have match what you want in life. You also should make sure that your home and its environment is actually as clean as possible. I know that sounds very weird and almost as if I am actually trying to judge you on your hygiene and cleanliness (which I’m obviously not) but there is a really weird thing by making sure that your environment is as clean as possible. Nobody likes to be in a dirty environment, especially if you have guests over. But it is also hard to work or even relax in an environment that is not clean. I personally believe in a clean environment helping you keep a clean mind, and personally it would do wonders for you in life when it comes to positivity.

Like I said, I know todays blog post will be a bit of rambling on, but there has been a few jobs that I have had in the past where I have had to work 6 days a week and spend more time at work or even just travelling than actually at home, and many times I realised how much I missed it. So it is very easy to not actually take advantage for it and instead take it for granted.


With Halloween coming up, I thought that now would be a good time to talk about the holidays that are coming up! Holidays are some of the best times of the year to be quite honest (which is why you need time at home)! Halloween is great if you want to get dressed up and go out for a drink or two as Spartacus or whatever costume you think is original but actually isn’t. Usually you can find some decent drinks out there as well, especially when you take into account happy hour! Then you have Christmas, which is nice when you get to see your grandparents, parents, siblings and have a nice meal watching a very long, very boring film! My favourite holiday is Bonfire night (otherwise known as Guy Fawkes Night) just because I love the fireworks personally!


Guy Fawkes night is celebrated for its namesake, but the story of Guy Fawkes itself is really interesting. But it’s better known as Bonfire night to us, and it is most definitely my favourite night of the year. Fireworks light up the whole of the UK, and the London skyline is lit up for the whole of the night. It’s amazing and a great night for families. While you have the odd kids that shoot fireworks in the streets (and many times has been known to strike other people in the street and cause assault), the rest of the night is really romantic and if you have a special person in your life then going to a park somewhere to watch fireworks for the night can be really fun!

Another really great holiday of the year is obviously Christmas. The values of celebrating a figure that gave up their life for others is special in itself. And while the kids love the presents the most, being able to see family that you would have not spoken to for the rest of the year is really nice. It allows families everywhere to get closer. The Christmas music does get a bit grating after hearing it for a while, and all of the decorations can be a bit much and there really is nothing worth watching on T.V. despite everyone wanting to watch their specific programme, it does become really fun. Plus you are always guaranteed to come out of every family Christmas with 5 new pairs of socks, new boxers and pyjamas.

Easter is one of those smaller holidays that are really fun to be a part of as well. The kids love Easter just because of all of the chocolate that adults give them (obviously), but another great part of Easter for the kids are the easter egg hunts! As a kid I used to love being a part of easter egg hunts. In my house, my parents used to hide small Cadbury Crème Eggs around the house (the radiator was used every year obviously) and can be really fun.

The most obvious holiday of the year for kids and adults however is Halloween. While Halloween can be really scary for the kids, taking them trick or treating is really fun. There are very few kids out there that have not been trick or treating and its by far the best night of the year when it comes to getting free chocolate! But the older we grow up, the better nights of Halloween obviously becomes about drinking green and yellow shots dressed up like an idiot. And then we get a bit older, and end up taking our kids to trick or treating in Halloween! I think overall, it’s the best holiday just because it’s enjoyable at every age.

I think the thing about holidays is that it is enjoyable in every country. Each country and culture has its own holidays and traditions which its people celebrate, and it’s always the best parts of the year besides birthdays. You need to remember to enjoy each holiday as they come along, as they can provide the best times of your life!