So as you could probably tell, I love video games! Now, I have a friend over and we play this game all the time when we have time off. In fact, we probably play it too much. It’s a huge franchise, and probably the franchise that is actually worth the most money. I hear that just for one game mode named Fifa Ultimate Team they make $650,000,000 a year. It’s a huge game and it’s actually really fun to play as well, but quite honestly very frustrating at the same time. I’ve been playing it for the last 4 years online now, and there is so much that is right and wrong with the game that people have made actual careers and millions just making videos on YouTube about the game. Personally my favourite is Fifa 15 (and on the first day it came out I packed Ibrahimovic, which is one of the best players in the game. Needless to say I was happy!), but the newest addition to the series has to be by far the worst game I’ve played.

Fifa 17

FIFA 17 is a really weird one to be honest. The game feels like it actively goes against you half the time. There has never been many games that have actively went against you on multiplayer without actually telling you that it is designed to go against you, yet for some reason it is acceptable in FIFA. The amount of games that I have played where my players that I am controlling are either actively not doing what I am trying to tell the game to do, or even just games that when I’m playing it do things of their own volition is just plain strange. In this day and age a game shouldn’t go against the specific coding within the game, or even what the game was designed to do. The input lag within the game is just terrible. If you press a button, you would expect the game to follow out what you pressed. Instead it would take two seconds to actually perform the task you asked the game to perform, which in a competitive game is just insane.

What makes it worse is that right now there is only really two ways to play the game right now. Either you play completely defensively or counterattack or you spend the whole game chasing the ball and trying to actually score. It’s a really odd game and you can tell that while they had some specific design ideas that they wanted to correctly include, they didn’t do the best job with it. I think after a bit of tweaking to the game and after a patch or two the game would be played the way they designed it to and it will probably be the best of the franchise, but for now they have a lot of bugs and issues that need to be fixed.

Fifa 15

Like I said, this was my favourite of the franchise. However this game wasn’t exactly the perfect game. It seemed that all you really needed to do to win on the game was pick the fastest players on the entire game. You just had a hundred games where you faced either the same teams, or slight iterations of the same team over and over, and with the majority of games being 5-6 it came down to either plain luck or just being slightly better defensively than another player. It was a fun game overall but quite honestly it was a bit of a heart attack waiting to happen as well. It’s not hard to see why so many people got upset and angry playing the game since it was all about either luck or who had the faster player. The main difference between 15 and 17 is that at least with 15 you was bound to score goals and it was actually fun to play every so often, and didn’t require you to try so hard to actually win a game.

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