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My most recent blog post had been discussing one of my favourite film franchises in the X-Men, but this blog post I will be talking about superhero films from Marvel to DC. By far the best film franchise on DC’s side are the recent Batman films, as some of them have been fantastic. My personal favourite would be Batman Begins of the series, just because I’m a huge Scarecrow fan. But Marvel has also made some really great films that aren’t related to the X-Men such as the Avengers. They did a great job casting the Avengers this time around, from Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man to Chris Evans Captain America, the Avengers have really become a superhero group people are aware of. Even Jeremy Renner does a brilliant job as Hawkeye, which is probably my favourite character of the films.


The Batman films decision to go darker with the storyline and characters was probably the greatest decision that they could have made for Superhero films. It forced the entire genre to go darker, since for the most part they were either overly cartoony (Jim Carrey as the Riddler) or just plain boring (Tobey Maguire as Spiderman, sorry). However, with Christian Bale’s Batman being by far the most formidable of superhero’s bar Wolverine, you needed villains that could match that. With the Scarecrow, Joker, Bane and even Rah’s Al Ghul, those villains matched Batman and then some. It wasn’t just a case of hiring actors for the sake of hiring big names, either. Every actor from Cillian Murphy to Heath Ledger to Tom Hardy played their parts to perfection. When adding the darker storylines that came with those films, they were bound to be a hit. Even the filming and lighting is darker than that of an ordinary film. From top to bottom they ensured that Batman wasn’t really a hero for the sake of being a hero. It made it clear every time what his intentions were, and exactly who he was fighting.

Although the Avenger’s films wasn’t as dark as the Batman franchise, it was still just as enjoyable. Mark Ruffalo does a brilliant job taking over from Edward Norton as the Hulk, and you can truly see the divide between who Bruce Banner is and who the Hulk is in terms of personality. While it could have been portrayed as a simple Jekyll and Hyde situation, you instead saw the internal struggles within the mind of Bruce Banner while also seeing him fighting for what he personally believed in at the same time. With Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, he did such a great job at portraying Hawkeye as a mercenary with specific intentions, but also provided comic relief that matched the film. The one gripe I had with the first Avenger’s film had been how easily Loki (the main nemesis) had been defeated at the end of the film by Hulk. He was simply destroyed for the sake of comic relief, which completely killed all build up that both the Avenger’s and original Thor film had given him. It was an odd decision but it worked for most people who watched the film.

The last superhero film that doesn’t really fit in another category however is Ant Man. I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy it as much as I did, and truthfully I only really watched it because I enjoy Paul Rudd as an actor (I can’t imagine that is said often). It really was an enjoyable movie that I thought was a lot better than expectations had prepared me for. The film is really funny, the action is really fun to watch and there is a specific scene towards the end I thought that while they could have done more with it, was so fun to watch in a film. I can’t see it being a huge franchise in the long run, and I imagine it would be a character with one more sequel and then stuck with the Avenger’s, but either way Paul Rudd does a fantastic job with it.

As you can tell I love these types of films, so if you agree or have another opinion feel free to let me know! Thanks!

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