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I am a huge superhero fanatic and one of the franchise films I have really started to become a fan of are the Marvel films. They have released some really good X-Men films and seem to be continuing that tradition with the great entry of Deadpool this year (by far the best of the bunch at the moment). Considering how great they have been so far, I wanted to just talk about how much I enjoyed the films after re watching Deadpool a few nights ago. They have released some really great ones, and there are a few more that are still waiting to be released that have the potential to be great!

The X-men films are great, and although the graphics do look outdated since the original came out in 2000, it’s hard to not be a fan of these films still. They have aged well and they are still enjoyable to watch today if you picked one up. The earlier films are definitely more family friendly, due to the storylines being less dark than the newer ones. What I do find interesting looking back on it however, is that it is only during the earlier films that Wolverine actually kills people. In fact, he seems to be the only one of the X-Men heroes to actually kill civilians during these films. While I think that it was the filmmaker’s intent to make Wolverine appeal more to the casual watcher in terms of making him look more of a renegade / maverick compared to the other heroes, it is a weird choice since we see Magneto and other villains kill less. Nonetheless, the newer films are definitely where the franchise really kicks into action. Days of Futures Past for example was easily the second best X-Men film to be released. There is something extremely enjoyable about watching Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy (both great actors) in dialogue with each other both playing Xavier, and I think they do a really great job to show that while both characters are extremely different in terms of current personality, they are both still playing the same character.

Personally my favourite Marvel film to be released as of yet is Deadpool. In the comic books he is the classic anti-hero, and probably the first of its kind in superhero books that really worked. They managed to translate both that and his character amazingly, and the film was great on so many levels. The action scenes had been done so well that it was hard to really tell that the film was under-budgeted. The jokes and humour (especially the fourth wall-breaking jokes) had been hilarious enough to stand as its own comedy film away from Deadpool itself, and Ryan Reynolds did perfectly. While it is definitely not recommended to children, if you have yet to see this film (superhero fan or not) I would easily recommend it. Either way you’ll enjoy it, and it may actually turn you into a Marvel fan!

There are still so many X-men films yet to be released as well! They have a sequel to Deadpool coming up that I just cannot wait for since it will be involving his brother-like friend in Cable, and it is bound to be great. But they also have a new and from the looks of it final Wolverine film yet to be released, with some speculating that a female version of Wolverine would replace him. They also have a film based on another X-Men superhero in Gambit, and although it will be played by Channing Tatum (which does not seem like the best of casting decisions) I still would like to watch it before I judge. The success of the original X-Men films with Patrick Stewart has allowed Marvel to become a huge player in Hollywood, and is probably the only reason most Superhero films bar Batman & Superman get the green light. However, the franchise has only really gotten stronger recently and I imagine I will be making a new post shortly talking about the other Marvel films that have come out recently. Thanks for reading!

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