Final Fantasy

Now, I’m obviously a huge video game fan and Final Fantasy is probably one of the biggest franchises of all time in the gaming community. It has spanned over 20+ games in its lifetime and with the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XV, it’s hard to not be excited! At the same time, there has been an effort by Sony to re-release older versions of the game on the PlayStation Network. They have released Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 4 re-mastered, but also with a speed button to make the game 3x faster if you have already completed it in the past and just want to reminisce over childhood memories and smash through it. I personally have a huge love for the game and I’m going to briefly discuss why I love it and the best features of the franchise as a whole.

I think that Final Fantasy VII especially showed how – for a game made in the 1990’s – open world games can be amazing if done properly. While the game begins in a city that is unknown to you and seems very, very large (Midgar), once you leave the city the game opens up and becomes huge! There are so many towns to explore, and with the materia system being so helpful and at times game breaking (such as with emerald weapon), it’s hard to not enjoy this game. The replay value on this game alone shows how well this game was actually made. I think I’ve beaten it 5 or 6 times now, and will eventually buy the PS4 remastered version. I personally think that it is the best of the series, and even if you are the type of gamer to complain about graphics, you’ll still find a way to look past the outdated look and enjoy the game for what it is worth!

I personally enjoyed Final Fantasy IX the most. Although it is not the strongest entry within the franchise, I thought that it was done rather well. I personally enjoyed the characters and maps more than the other games. Vivi was my favourite character of the whole franchise. It’s not often you get to play a game with one character being a literal shadow. Overall the game is a lot of fun, and also requires you to use every item in the game due to the games design of adding skills and spells that are learnable on equipment. I quite enjoyed being able to use a variety of weapons to use while also gaining abilities from them, and it gave me a new way to play what is generally an ATB (Action Turn-Based) game.

Another game that I really enjoyed from this series was Final Fantasy VI. Of all of the games in the series, this was the darkest. With the main character being called Kefka (who may be the best villain on a video game of all time), you take control of a multitude of characters in what is basically a dystopian world. You both start and play the game trying to save the world like most video games, but actually experience the end of the world and the effects of what that world would be like also. It probably is the most enjoyable to play, especially since it has the most variety of characters that you are able to play. It ends up being a powerful game.

The whole series itself is so much more unique than most games for its time, and that is what allowed it to become such a huge franchise in such a small amount of time. It isn’t just about the gameplay (which is very good), but also about the characters and story itself. I think that is what the game itself is built around, and allows it to become so much stronger than other franchises. If you have yet to actually play one of the games from this series, I would suggest you pick one up and try it. You wouldn’t regret it.

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